(VM) Host does not support legacy camera driver, can the guest really see it?

drapel pk

So I have been dealing with an old machine that has a camera which is not supported in W10 apparently (I am explaining down below why I say apparently), so I have ran a W7 instance in VirtualBox, well there were other drivers that this software needed and were not available for W10.

Now here is the issue, the Windows 10 host never sees this camera device, but VirtualBox lists it in the USB section as Microdia Webcam (I tried getting drivers for it, to no avail), but it does NOT show it in the webcam section. The software also cannot detect it, it says that there is no video output that I can select from.

So this device and software suite works on a bare-metal W7, but it does not work on the W10. So here is another catch, the manual says that the camera needs no drivers and it runs natively, this is true on a bare metal machine, however when I plug it through VirtualBox USB section, windows cannot find the needed drivers, of course I tried reinstalling and blocking the search and everything from Device Manager, but it cannot finds a driver.

So host does not see it, hypervisor t2 sees it in the USB section, not in the webcam section, software does not see it. W7 bare-metal worked prior, manual says no drivers are needed to be installed (I am assuming it worked with native W7 drivers), but W7 says no drivers found.

I read on a VMware documentation that if host does not see a USB peripheral, the hypervisor might also not see it, however here the situation is not as clear, so I am baffled what to do. One theory would be that because the host does not see it natively, the hypervisor sees it differently and herein the issue lies. By seeing it differently I mean it sees it as a USB device, but not a Webcam, hence I see the camera in Devices under the USB section in the hypervisor, but not the Webcam section.

I tried running legacy driver troubleshooter on W10, it does not find drivers for the camera. Would there be any way to fix this issue?

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